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18 minutes

A Short Film by val vega!


Check out dread centrals write up about the short!

After baiting us with some behind-the-scenes images last month, we’ve got our first official teaser for 18 Minutes! The exclusive trailer for the psychological short film comes directly to us by the woman behind the madness, Val Vega.


out now!

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This week we received a screener for a short film called Acid Pink. The tagline from the filmmaker, Val Vega, stated that her project “uses beauty to trick you into believe you aren’t watching a horror, but nothing is ever what it seems.” Val is no stranger to our genre, having appeared “Vicious Circles” segment of V/H/S/ Viral (review). However, that’s not the type of horror we’re supposedly going to be subjected to in Acid Pink.

Intrigued by her premise, we reached out to Ms. Vega to see if she could fill us in. Our interview spanned a number of elements that went into the creation of her two minute short including: voodoo, fear, loneliness, the dark, and religion. -Dread Central’s Mike Phalin

Julianna himet by val vega

Music by David Adams

yahusha kalev 1 by val vega

yahusha kelev 2 by val vega

Jessica by val vega

Music By David Adams

will singletary by val vega

Music By David Adams